Tucked halfway between Bridgeville, DE and Denton, MD is a true gem for the eyes and palate. We are a retail country farm market and plant center offering exceptional produce, garden products and home decorations.

In the early years Dad Adams would sell our fresh produce out of his pick-up truck on King Street in Wilmington, DE. Many times Mother would load all of us kids and drive to Wilmington to sell produce while Dad worked at DuPont. After the twins were born which made six of us by this time, she asked Dad to build her a “small” produce stand so she would not have to to drive the long distance with six children.

Dad built our market in 1964. There was not a lot of traffic on the highway back then so that is why the building is so close to the road today. Soda’s were sold out of a tub filled with ice. Purchases were added up on a paper bag.

Today Adams Fruit Market offers a large variety of local fruit and vegetables and many shipped in favorites too. We have a large variety of jar items too.

Adams Fruit Market is now managed by the second generation Adams.